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Θέμα: Tourism in Greece

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    Αθήνα και Λαύριο

    Tourism in Greece

    Tourism requires top service

    The proper response to the drop in the number of tourists arriving in Greece due to the higher euro is not to start making cuts.

    The right thing to do would be to strengthen the competitiveness of our tourism product. This can only happen if we improve the quality that we provide to the people visiting our country.

    Once upon a time, Greece’s comparative advantage was the sun and sea. Today, this is not enough. Lots of countries around us can offer the same thing – and at lower prices.

    Our comparative advantage must now be the prospect of offering visitors better service than they would get elsewhere.

    Everyone involved in this industry, which is the driving force of the Greek economy, has to love what they are doing.

    They must understand that there are many people in the world who would gladly pay high prices if they could be guaranteed top-quality service.

    They want to feel that their money has not been wasted and that they got what they paid for.

    «Η ψυχή που μπορεί να μιλήσει με τα μάτια, μπορεί και να φιλήσει με το βλέμμα»
    Δεν με πειράζει να πηγαίνω για δουλειά αλλά αυτή η 8ώρη αναμονή για να πάω σπίτι με σκοτώνει .
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    Junior Member Το avatar του χρήστη aliki
    I don't think so I think some people love greece for what it is with greek people who now how to live their lifes, with basics which a lot of people have forgotten and that makes it to me very special that is why I love greece! I hope the people who visit greece respect this and learn something of this.
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